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Our team

Our Team

The MASH organisation is ”born global” and we have been an ”Indo-Danish” organisation since day one. This distribution of the organisation across contintents has allowed us to maintain a strong collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark - a world-class research institution in our technology field - while at the same time developing and validating our technological platform in relevant market setting.


head office

Jakob Andersen
Jakob BEJBRO Andersen, PhD
CEO of Mash Makes

Coming from an engineering background, but having worked with technology commercialisation for a decade and an half, Jakob holds a wide range of competencies within business strategy, management and R&D. Jakob applies his skillsets at many levels of the organisation, ensuring transparency and strategic focus in the engaging with the board and providing valuable technical inputs in engaging with our R&D teams.

Krishna Hara Chakravarty
Krishna Hara Chakravarty, PhD
Head of R&D

Krishna is MASH Makes’ chemical encyclopedia and he holds a deep and practical knowledge of the processes dealt with in our technology platform. Krishna spearheads all research-related activities in Denmark in India and as such is in charge of the constant maturation of MASH’s technology pipeline, within bio fuels, hydrogen, electricity and biochar.

Rohit Vilas Nagargoje
Rohit Nagargoje

Rohit excels in straddling complex business processes within strategy, management, sales and administration. Although an engineer by training, he is the proverbial glue, holding together and aligning the many organisational activities across the contintents, always insisting on commercial relevance.

Head of Manufacturing

Bobby is the engineer responsible for building, commissioning and operating all machines on our Indian R&D site. He is by far the most experienced person in MASH when it comes to operating full scale thermochemical machines. Bobby is also responsible for turning the rich stream of knowledge coming from the Technical University of Denmark into practical solutions on the ground.

Jon Skovgaard- Petersen
Jon Skovgaard- Petersen
Legal Council to board and co-founder

Jon has been with MASH from the founding of the company and in this time he has been indispensable in successfully navigating the legalities of corporate structuring, partnership agreements, customer and supplier contracts and many other engagements.

Rasmus Bruun Sleimann
Rasmus Bruun Sleimann
Lead Fabricator

Rasmus has worked on several MASH machines over the years and is our most experienced fabricator. In thermochemical machines, welding quality is key and in Rasmus MASH has an in-house specialist within this field. Rasmus is also tasked with commissioning and site support for our machines once deployed.

Nikolaj Christian Ravnsbæk Jensen
Nikolaj Christian Ravnsbæk Jensen

Nikolaj is an electrical engineer with practical experience in making thermochemical machines run smoothly – a skillset you do not often encounter. He also has extensive experience within component specification and design and implementation of electrical systems.

Supply & Project Manager

In engaging with suppliers across the world, an information hub is needed – in MASH’s case, this hub is Nicolas who has extensive experience within CAD modelling and documentation management. Nicolas is in charge of the hand over of documentation to suppliers and the ensuing technical clarifications.

Søren Knudsen
Søren Knudsen

An economist by training, Søren has become MASH’s foremost business case modeller and -controller. He also supports Jakob in all activities related to running MASH. Søren is an important nexus of information in the company, ensuring seamless coordination of efforts across the organisation in India and Denmark.

Srikanth Viswanath
Srikanth Viswanath
Test and Development Engineer

Having extensive experience with the world of biochar certification and trading, Srikanth is the engineer responsible for MASH’s compliance to relevant commodity standards within this field and the adjacent bio fuel field, where certification under e.g ISCC is a must for trading products. Srikanth will embed himself in the production line until the necessary certifications are achieved.